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Although the step is to international organisation, you'll find useful (geographical) restrictions towards the capacity to do this

For example, upstream and downstream functions in the united kingdom both have the same president, and tend to be located in alike office. But the action is new, so it continues to be to be seen about what level the globalisation plan was applied.

To offer a concept of her collection, one elder management of ExxonMobil panel is in charge of all upstream sections, another regarding downstream, and another when it comes down to agents and coal & minerals sections.

William T. Esrey Chairman and ceo, race agency (a major international communications providers integrating long distance, local and cordless marketing and sales communications solutions and something worldwide's prominent companies of traffic)

Donald V. Fites Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Caterpillar Inc. (company of building, mining, and farming machines and engines)

There can be a complete number of other companies recognisable by Exxon, Mobil or Esso name

Reatha Clark King President and administrator Director, General Mills Foundation; vice-president, General Mills, Inc. (producer and marketer of consumer foods)