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The loss tells build which he uses an appreciation potion called "cool icy Medina" which makes females love him

Lest we become also swept up for the lyrics in the song, let's not forget the hefty respiration across music, the non-native sample, while the role in which build claims "break they all the way down" and practically nothing occurs. So there might cowbell present.

I wish to expound my estimation on precisely why build Loc's "trendy icy Medina" is among the greatest tracks available.

The track begins with Tone in a bar neglecting to hook-up. He sees that some loser gets a lot of women.

What's the very first thing Tone do if this stranger gives your this great love concoction? Tone gives it to his canine. The dog then humps Tone's knee. This might not be my personal earliest selection for use of the appreciation concoction.

In verse 3, Tone utilizes the Medina with a nice-looking lady he satisfies at a pub that actually is a person in pull. Distinction this to the rap music: emcees these days brag precisely how many women they rest with, and here's Tone saying that the guy found a man in pull appealing.

The guy doesn't go to the strip club or even to the faculty collection, the guy continues a game program where he'll meet ONE lady. He requires his date towards the Hilton.

Despite in possession of the fantastic appreciate concoction that pulls females to your, Tone next decides to continue fancy Connection in verse 4

Their time then initiate speaking about prep a marriage with build, apparently due to the fact Medina was a tad too strong. Build asserted that she moved too quickly so he ditched this lady.