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The number one commandment would be to love the lord thy Jesus, in addition to next would be to love thy neighbor as thyself

Elder Oaks exhorted all of us one to “The should understand one people (in addition to their family) experiencing the responsibility regarding exact same-intercourse attraction have been in special need of the love and you can reassurance that is a very clear duty away from Chapel members, that have signified of the covenant its readiness “to help you incur you to definitely another's burdens” “thereby fulfil the law from Christ.”36 Let's surpass one covenant.

In my opinion gay individuals have enough suffering doing, and it is all of our responsibility to assist them to

Some other commandments hold on those two high ones.37 What we carry out should be regarding like. From studying the text of our own prophets, I understand which they love gays and you can lesbians, and are starting all of that they can to teach them of its divine traditions which help them fulfill their divine potential.

not, there are numerous pushes seeking to share with gay people and lesbians that they're unable to satisfying the divine destiny, otherwise that they could well be happy rejecting the destiny than satisfying they.

Satan informs gay those who need to obey the latest commandments of Jesus that it is hopeless, he informs homosexual individuals who are unclear about and therefore way it is going which they is always to realize exact same-sex relationships, and he informs those people that are located in same-gender relationships that they cannot changes.