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The analysis indicated that male and female L


macrolepis had negative allometric increases patterns. not, the new b worth of the brand new girls was less than that a man. This new b value of a man Meters. engeli shown an optimistic allometric gains https://datingranking.net/tr/paltalk-inceleme/ trend. According to these types of growth pattern studies, the research showed that Meters. engeli grows much better than L. macrolepis, and thus appearing one Yards. engeli is far more versatile on the ecological status regarding Lambada Lhok waters. Additionally, the field observation with the catch structure of your own anglers showed one Meters. engeli has also been widespread. The newest Fulton's status factor demonstrated a slight difference between K worth within men and women for both varieties, in which the K worth was more than 1. Centered on Morton and you will Routledge thirty six , a seafood population is actually good shape if the K worthy of is higher than step one. The research indicated that the brand new K property value L. macrolepis varied from just one.16 to at least one.22, and you will 1.03 to a single.09 to own Yards. engeli; hence, both populations can be found in good condition, inside dry and you can wet-season, respectively. While doing so, the new relative weight condition grounds regarding both variety is close to 100, showing a balance anywhere between target and you may predator 20 . Such efficiency demonstrate that these types of waters provide an acceptable dining provider for those varieties. The fresh relative lbs reputation foundation together with corresponds to seafood illnesses, stock estimates, and you can government profile 23,thirty five,36,38,39 . Thus, the new Lambada Lhok oceans provide sufficient eating supplies for mullets.

The outcomes in addition to exhibited differences in increases designs during the deceased and you will damp 12 months, and that brand new fish increased most readily useful inside deceased 12 months.