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When you look at the An account off A couple Dining tables, she claims singing isn't enjoy

Lincoln chose to let because of the reservation gigs to them as his or her manager and she thanked him that have a digit knock

When you look at the "Moving, Dance Resolution", Luna got a night out together for Lincoln with the Sadie Hawkins Moving, due to the fact he was "sad", however she, as well as Luan, Lynn, and you may Lucy, was in fact crazy having him as the guy lied to any or all of them.

In "Stop new Container Number", Lincoln are playing a one-kid ring means. Luna spotted this and open to subscribe him, and you may is disturb as he rejected.

Within the "Driveway Blocked", Luna eventually busted Luan's puppet Mr. Coconuts. When Lincoln advised Luna to fund damage, she threatened your along with her finger.

Into the "Space that have a conflict", she becomes crazy within their plan, after she tells your she was flattered as he chose to sacrifice his glee.

In the "Future Stressful", whenever Lincoln are discovering a comical and you can Luna is to play toward drums, these were sitting next to both.