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Caution In order to Doug Phillips At the Howard Phillips’ Funeral service ():

“Doug sent me the his Vision Message board content. I heard him or her and really was disturb. We named him and you may said, ‘Doug, in which in just about any on the are you talking about brand new redemptive works out of Jesus Christ? All the my personal exercises to the nearest and dearest always things men and women to God Christ. You will be merely practise moralism. If we do not lead our kids to Goodness i fail. Moralism is not sufficient Doug. You're Little People dating app de--focusing on the gospel away from salvation. You are preaching moralism and you will Dominionism, perhaps not Jesus Christ'.”

“I'm not good Dominionist however, also I'm able to observe that Doug's militant form of Dominionism is high. I also encountered your from the his Patriarchy. I pointed out so you're able to your one possibly the Dominionists weren't exercises the sort of significant Patriarchy he does.”

“Doug, I'm very alarmed to you. You've gotten well away on Word of God through it Dominionist/Patriarchy/Family members Included Chapel/Domestic University thing. You should get to the latest gospel from God and you can end are good moralist or that which you you have done is about to slip.