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She pleads with your, for love, to come along with her

This lady attendant informs Genjuro that she lead woman Wakasa to the real world to have prefer, as she never ever had the chance to think prefer before she died

Genjuro profits on manor-house together with close and woman Wakasa are delighted. She requires him to go back along with her to aˆ?her homelandaˆ? (apparently the spiritworld), but Genjuro declines, confessing at last about their spouse and kid. Woman Wakasa remains determined to just take your returning to the heart business and she attempts to seize your, nevertheless signs on their looks protect your. This, however, is actually their best chance, by spurning the woman Genjuro is condemning their to a lifetime of loneliness into the nature community. Undaunted, Genjuro grabs a sword and starts to threaten the spirits with it. The spirit recede into the tincture and Genjuro flees from the Manor and to the reeds out. The guy collapses from fright.

When he awakes, nevertheless clutching the sword, they are reached by an event of men just who accuse him of stealing they. When he tries to refer them to our home, the guy sees that most that stays in a burnt ruin. The men clarify that residence had been ruined in a war years ago.

At the same time Tobei, riding with pride down the street on their pony along with their retinue, try surrounded by adoring crowds. He could be determined, however, going home to Ohama aˆ“ to show the lady which he became a samurai eventually. In roads they are dropped by a prostitute, but which encourage him to get to their own brothel one last time.