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Marie, I adore which you provided me with the just do it to give my self authorization to say zero

Lisa, I listen to your. I found myself into the complete committing vessel and jumped down. For my situation it grabbed so much more opportunity because i am the type of person who loves activities done right, with all my efforts, that is certainly fine for the people just who receive my provider of over providing but I have burnt out.

I love that you contributed this!

Oh yes! It always takes considerably longer to perform the work than expected! I will make use of recommendations about 20-30percent more frequently ?Y™‚

Big information Lisa on adding 20-30per cent more time to present task and dedication responsibilities. I'll put this to living toolkit!

It's such simple word of advice but it is so easy attain caught up with it all and tend to forget that it's okay to create limits.

Oooh this really is a difficult people! I have a problem with this frequently, actually. I'm nevertheless focusing on aˆ?getting from the NO practice,aˆ? like Marie usually states, therefore sometimes I'll still respond with a aˆ?yes!aˆ? after which recognize I means overcommitted. But that is perhaps not the path to self-care (and it also contributes to some severe resentment!).

I am not at all a flake, therefore I typically merely discover a way to get it all done

Thus Marie, i am to you about this - i'll visit the aˆ?NOaˆ?