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Krauser PUA Is Doing Their People A Huge Injustice (?)

This article might appear quite untimely and away from left field, but it is without an oz of malice towards Krauser since I have trust their video game.

As much as I detest the seduction-blogger RooshV (because of previous circumstances), we entirely get the usefulness of his authorship style.

The guy places their balls and profile exactly in danger by disclosing their were not successful attempts, flakes and instances in which his time in the field wasn't great at all and bad logistics encountered the finally laugh [a possible with my units a lot of times].

I in all honesty cannot recall Kraus ever before currently talking about their flaws in collection. It's all victories, gains and more screwing gains.

If you are putting 9 out of 10 women whom you'd acquired: subsequently congrats regarding 90per cent fuck proportion!

From reading their things, it's difficult to tell he have even terrible times at game whenever every article he posts concerns conquering an innovative new banner and fucking some amazing woman [we bang my personal earliest 29 year-old Lithuanian office girl].