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theclever? Colombia is more than medication trafficking and Pablo Escobar.

10. Elianis Garrido elianisgarrido

Elianis Garrido is an additional of many with been through ‘Protagonistas de Novela’. Seemingly that fact would not only prepare stars, but presenters and types. Although Elianis grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, three decades ago, she transferred to Barranquilla along with her families as a kid. Ever since the chronilogical age of 14 she's got needed to work to assistance with the costs of this lady quarters, working as a dancer in organizations. The lady black eyes, brown locks and razor-sharp shape were a lethal gun who has mesmerized a lot of males since their lives turned public.

9. Valerie Dom?nguez valeriedomi

In 2005, Valerie Dom?nguez, who is the relative of vocalist Shakira, is crowned Miss Colombia. A-year after, she traveled to L. A. to participate in for the neglect Universe competition and ended among the ten finalists. Valerie was a student in a judicial mess between 2010 and 2013 because she and her boyfriend’s household at the time are obviously popular with getting condition subsidies in the form of land that was earmarked for her group.