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Tibetan Relationship Practices, Marriage Ceremony in Tibet

Tibetan are a fraction with unique culture in Asia. Tibetan wedding customs will also be special. Wedding ceremony in Tibet is various in various parts of Tibet. Right here we just discuss the typical marriage traditions in Tibet.

Suggestion in Tibetan Relationship Traditions

Proposition may be the first faltering step of marriage. Usually, if men has an interest in a lady, he will seek her years, day of beginning along with her zodiac characteristic (for example mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, serpent, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, canine or pig). From the information about give, he will probably seek advice from an astrologist to test if their features is appropriate for their. If both zodiac matched up, the man's families will select an auspicious time and obtain a matchmaker to check out the girl's family the official proposition, with gifts like khatag, yak butter teas, barley drink and other presents. If her parents believes, they are going to recognize the gift suggestions.