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This is not subtext; it's a great canonical lesbian matchmaking

From inside the afterwards attacks we see Ruby and you will Sapphire publicly flirting and you will others characters refer to it as such as for example. The mixing try a phrase from love and you will an excellent defiance facing jewel culture and that frowns with the mix between different kinds of treasures. Just like the Garnet sings at the one point, “I'm made of love and it is stronger than you.”

One can easily read Ruby and you may Sapphire's combo toward Garnet due to the fact an effective metaphor for LGBTQ members of real life, remembering its like and you will matchmaking even when the facilities might want to squash it.

Observe good lesbian pair into the a kids let you know be open and you will affectionate might be anything, but Steven Market is all about and come up with the profile well rounded. Regarding occurrence “Keystone Hotel,” Garnet unfuses again and Ruby and you may Sapphire argue.

Which songs effortless, but it's indeed cutting edge. Which have LGBTQ letters into the media, there was a tendency to must ‘include them'. Never to let them end up being far from delighted. I am aware in which that comes off, and a time it's called for, but LGBTQ emails is nevertheless undergo battles as with any most other profile.

Here, Ruby and Sapphire can bicker and get suggest in order to each other.