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We have to put the fresh new axe on resources

Those activities and measures of the heart beings govern all the public and you will spiritual phenomena

3) What are the spiritual methods and behaviour who do praise, service and you may strengthen (a) so it faith and you can (b) attitude produced by this belief? How do we analysis and apply the latest Bible and also the Gospel out of Christ to individuals means, thinking, rituals, rites and you will ceremonies one to antique Africa has sooner created from this faith?

Our theological means need surpass matching Biblical texts having particular conventional values to help you addressing the fresh new theological, philosophical, ethical and you can moral bases and you can foundations of those philosophy. Faith, feelings, habit and you will habits possess root and you can angles. The traditional conception away from strange and strange energies has deep theological roots.

When Christian classes was produced, particularly: the efficacy of the bloodstream from Christ; the power of Christ; the power of the latest Holy Soul; the efficacy of Jesus; the effectiveness of prayer on identity out of God, exactly how try these types of vitality know theologically by the man for the conventional Africa? The conventional theology away from fuel and pushes is exactly what should be addressed from the Bible. Whenever a belief on the potency out of mysterious and you will strange energies and pushes is condemned because demonic, boy in the old-fashioned Africa has to know as to why might be found try demonic. It appear to performs and he notices and you can experiences the strength, strength and efficacy. A mere mention of a good Bible verse is almost certainly not adequate to help you discourage and encourage him to accomplish and believe if you don't.

Their religious beliefs and you can strategies was arranged from inside the structure out of their antique religious worldview.