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This program works well for us, thus create try it!

The trunk and you can shoulder and parts get put in an inventory cooking pot, i then shred all of those other chicken of to own soup and you will anything (which is the past action on the hens also)

Even though it is correct that the product you get is quite additional than increasing beef wild birds and you can stocking new freezer all at once, we actually like the dated-designed traditions towards progressing group, restaurants chicken because head provides extra. We have a beneficial smallish group out of 12-15 hens and you can good rooster, and we constantly get at the very least a turkey/few days (for a few some one). It is inspired by cuatro-six roosters regarding a good hatch of a dozen eggs/seasons and also the need certainly to cull cuatro-six stewing hens and then make space for the the brand new girls.

Our company is usually spinning the wild birds. I've had an excellent hen one goes broody about annually, and i score fertile egg off a buddy and you can adhere people below the woman.