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It really is kinda a review of different ways of grieving)

Can it sound like I'm hinting at hook I have going?

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I am aware it flies when confronted with a lot of that which you said inside podcast, but i actually do believe I have suitable hook in the 1st section of my guide, and yet can't really discover a?hooka?.

I believe i am desperate for the essential difference between the theme of my personal publication (basically a sizable show, probably huge!) while the hook. Like in series such as for instance Harry Potter, There isn't only one motif, particularly as my whole services (that may getting a number of series connected together carefully), but my main two themes were revenge (whether there's a location because of it, manages to do it cause a positive conclusion, or only ever end up in destroy?) and despair (which brings the will for payback. But those are not all that clear, its deliberately slight, along with fact when you look at the beginning my main fictional character has no desire to have payback, while he doesn't discover any kind of what can cause payback however.

Within the opening section, it appears such as the hook could be one thing to carry out with loneliness... I know what the fictional character wishes, but that's one part of the bigger story. Crucial, also it doesn't get fallen... I just don't know how to unpick my overall hook from my main theme(s), it's all quite subtle, and in complete contrast to the way I softwareroach most of the rest of my life, my writing is very instinctual. Then when I try to find some thing knowingly, like the hook, or earlier the motifs (the ebook actually said the themes, we composed they and quickly realised the motif I would instinctively started creating to), I find it very difficult.