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First of all, congratulations for getting sober

This can be called a gratitude practice

I am a retard i've no issue encounter people and interesting all of them but I just don't appear to connect with anybody I have found i try to kindly everybody letter end up being damage or mistreated I struggle to can get on using my own family m for a number of simply explanations and some shitty girlfriends have remaining my mind to mush We have partied for numerous years considering I just love to part today i would like a significantly better lifetime I'm remaining emotionally primarily ruined I frequently consider i know the goals but i recently cannot let go of older ideas I have mega count on issues and will hardly ever really connection We even substitute the echo and contact myself personally a wierdo it has an effect on every thing but I am caught within this steady loop of negative attention activities and I also wouldn't like this anymore I never ever was once because of this until I was a sober person attempting to increased myself now simply a wierdo the reason why am I able to perhaps not change this when I understand what affects me

Rej, many thanks for this honest sharing. Are you able to give yourself some credit score rating because of this? Because what exactly is required here's you start to see what's correct and not only what exactly is wrong. The main factor we can battle to link is when we've such low self-esteem we're scared of people seeing you in a poor light so block reference to our very own fear and sabotage. Thus see, back to acquiring sober. The reason we drink, just take medications, whatever truly, usually we're concealing from mental serious pain. Once we get sober, really damn they lo and see those repressed feelings and experience will always be indeed there waiting for united states.