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Refuge in the area of Crete (functions 27:7-15)

"your meant to hurt myself, but goodness supposed it permanently to perform understanding now being completed, the preserving of several physical lives." (Genesis )

"we understand that in all activities goodness works best for the great of the which like him, who have been also known as relating to their reason." (Romans 8:28)

It doesn't matter what condition you are in, Jesus understands, and goodness is able to work out his wonderful may while you continue steadily to love and trust him, and search his purposes rather than your own personal.

10.2. Trip to Rome (59-60 advertising)

Paul sails to Rome according to the view of a centurion known as Julius, an element of the Imperial routine. He appears to be a legionary centurion with a few soldiers under your in the voyage, in control of Paul alongside inmates on course for Rome.

Bruce notes your ship they embark on are a "coasting vessel," cruising from port to port along side Mediterranean coastline, without a sea-going vessel that will go out inside ocean.

Paul's ship sails from Caesarea, stops at Sidon, immediately after which happens north of Cyprus, getting at Myra. From the interface of Myra when you look at the province of Lycia, the centurion protects passing on "an Alexandrian ship cruising for Italy" (Acts 27:6). This ship belongs to Rome's state-owned whole grain fleet, getting much-needed whole grain from Egypt to Rome. As it is a state-owned business, Julian the centurion is the greatest ranked people aboard, possesses some say in the voyage.