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Analysis expresses their polite gratitude from the ignominy Riker got experienced, but which had, within the feeling, spared your

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Investigation formally won't proceed through Maddox's process just after Louvois' ruling are inserted, and you may Maddox, therefore, states he'll note that Data's transfer requests was rescinded. Surprisingly, however, Study encourages Maddox to keep his work; the guy claims to are nevertheless intrigued by several of just what Maddox are proposing, and you may suggests he may invest in the method will eventually subsequently, immediately after he's specific Maddox can do they properly. Captain Louvois cards so you're able to Maddox that he don't describes Studies while the an enthusiastic "it" but since the good "he", inferring he now ascribes so you're able to Data "personhood."

Adopting the victory, Riker, significantly affected by the gravity of almost costing a buddy and associate his life, prefers the solitude of one's Enterprise's dim observance sofa watching out at the famous people more than probably Data's earn occasion towards the holodeck.